Is it possible to Recover Digital Photos from USB Flash Drive

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"I saved some important photos on a usb flash drive, and my sister deleted them because it is her flash drive and she wanted to clear up the whole thing. So without asking me or warning me she deleted my project. Can I recover them? Please some one help me."

Many persons may be ask this question and the answer is yes. Although there's no guarantee, you can often successfully recover deleted photos from USB Flash Drive. It just depends on what's happened since the photos were deleted.

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive consists of a flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1 or 2.0 interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than a floppy disk. Most weigh less than 30 g (1 oz). Storage capacities in 2010 can be as large as 256 GB with steady improvements in size and price per capacity expected. Some allow 1 million write or erase cycles[citation needed] and have a 10-year data retention cycle.

USB flash drives are often used for the same purposes as floppy disks were. They are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable because of their lack of moving parts. Until approximately 2005, most desktop and laptop computers were supplied with floppy disk drives, but most recent equipment has abandoned floppy disk drives in favor of USB ports.

Digital Photos Lost From USB Flash Drive Due to

Accidental deleting

» "Shift + Del" without backup

» "Delete All" when deleting not-so-good photos

» Delete pictures instead of saving by accidentally pressing wrong button

» Emptying Recycle Bin without backup


» "Media/Drive is not formatted would you like to format now?"

Virus infection/attack

Unexpected power off

Other reasons

» Factory setting of device
» Losing photos during transferring photos from storage device to PC/laptop
» Pulling out card while the camera is on
» Turning off the camera during a write process

Why can you get back deleted photos?

USB Flash Drives and other Memory cards do not immediately re-use space from deleted files and leave it there for a while after the file has been deleted; therefore you can recover deleted photos from USB Flash Drive. A Photo that has been deleted a while ago still has a good chance of being recovered, but the chances of an absolute undelete decrease the longer you leave it, because it is only a matter of time before that space is re-used and overwritten. So the Key to recovering your deleted photos is to act immediately and you will be almost guaranteed to have your files back.

You can get back deleted photos from USB Flash Drive on your own with a good photo recovery software. Quick Internet searches will give you a tremendous number of programs that advertise lost photo recovery, and most of them cost between $25 - $40. And I'm using a program called Wondershare Photo Recovery that does the very same job but just cost me $29.95. Now I will tell you how to get back deleted photos by Photo Recovery:

Important Note

Here are a few precautions you need to follow which are essential if you want to recover deleted photos from USB Flash Drive.

1. Remove the memory card from your camera and put it in a safe place so that you won’t accidentally overwrite your deleted photos.

2. Don't save any pictures to this memory card.

If you do save new images to the memory card, then chances are the deleted files will be overwritten by the new images rendering deleted photos unrecoverable.

Step1: Download & Install the photo recovery program.

Wondershare Photo Recovery is reliable photo recovery software to easily perform photo recovery and Flashmemory card recovery with nice quality. It is also non-destructive media recovery software which helps you retrieve video, restore audio, and recover music from all storage devices. No matter your photos or multimedia files have been deleted accidently, memory cards have been formatted.

Free Download(8.58 MB)

After the installation, lauch this photo recovery tool. The main panel shows like this:

Step2: Scanning recoverable photos

The Photo Recovery start to scan your disk including your PC hard disk and your Flashmemory card. This step may take some time depending on the size of disk space. You don't need to wait until scanning is finished and you can click "Next" to finish scanning.

Step 3: Preview recoverable photos and select photos.

Here you can preview the available and recoverable photos you want to recover like below.

Step 4: Select path or enter a directory for recovered photos.

After you select path or enter a directory for recovered photos, you can click "Next" button to recover the photos from USB Flash Drive.

Check your computer system at first

For better running Photo Recovery and get higher recovery quality, please check your computer system at first.

Operating System: Win7 64 / 32 / Vista 64/ 32/ XP / 2003 / 2000 / 9X
CPU: 200 MHz
RAM 128 MB or more of RAM
Disk Space 10 MB of free space

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